Album: The Ever Decreasing Circle – Artist: The Kipper Family

Oh the Springtime that is coming,
And the girls are in a dither.
‘Tis the Wild Mounting Time
And I am wondering whether

Do you go Lassie go
And will we go together
At the Wild Mounting Time
Or will I get Bloomin’ Heather
Do you go Lassie go ?

My love is like a swan
With the lightness of a feather,
But her friend is like a goose
And they call her Bloomin” Heather

I will build my love a Mower
And cut down that Bloomin’ Heather
Then at the Wild Mounting Time
My love will be mine forever.

If my truelove she won’t go
Then I surely will not bother
For at the Wild Mounting Time
I could even fancy Heather !