East Side Story

Sid Kipper - 2000 (Leader Records)

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East Site Story

1. East Side Story
2. The Belles Of St Just
3. Lord Hardwick
4. Hard As Oak
5. Wighton Walnut
6. Times Of The Rigs
7. London Spurning
8. Haul The Deck
9. Queensbury Rules, OK
10. A Runton Rousaby
11. Talking Postman Blues
12. Knock Down, Knock Down For Jesus
13. Narborough Fair
14. Where Have All The Cauliflowers Gone?
15. Polly On The Floor
16. Pretty Penny-Oh
17. The Hard Times Of Old Buckenham
18. The Bold Low Way man
19. The Wide Miss Audrey
20. The Sailor In Diss Dress
21. Old King Cod
22. The Old Lamb Sigh
23. Haddiscoe Maypole Song
24. Down, Duvet Down
25. The Farmer's Crumpet
26. Weeds Of The Wood
27. Way Down In The Bayeux Tapestry

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