The Crab Wars

The Kipper Family - 1986 (Dambuster Records)

Crab Wars

1. Sid And Henry Arrive
2. Come All You (Overture)
3. The Prologue
4. Come All You
5. Sid's Round
6. Upspoke's Dream
7. Sid And Henry Get Some Out
8. I Wish I Was Plural No More
9. Sid Shuts Up
10. Oh! It's Hard
11. Oh! It's Hard (Reprise)
12. Jolly Boasting Weather
13. Henry Finds Talking Thirsty Work
14. Lost And Foundered
15. All Washed Up
16. Sid Discusses
17. Brave Old World
18. Here Is The News
19. Henry's A Bit Short
20. Belle's On Her Toes
21. Sealed With A Curse
22. Sid Explains Himself
23. Ninety-Eight Not Out
24. Henry Gets What He Deserves
25. Here Is The News (ii)
26. The Leaving Of Sheringham
27. Here Is The News (iii)
28. Herny Confuses The Issue
29. In With The In-Breed
30. In With The In-Breed (Reprise)
31. Fall Down
32. A Narator's Life
33. Fall Down (Reprise)
34. Henry Comes Clean

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