Album: Like A Rhinestone Ploughboy – Artist: Sid Kipper

A young person was a-walking one morning in May
Met a second young person a-walking that way
Say the first of these people I have Spanish leather
And oh, ’tis my wish we were bonded together

All things being equal our screws will be loose
What’s sauce for the gander is juice for the goose

Oh the way I respond to the charms that thou hast
I just cannot tell you lest you feel harrassed
But you are so comely and so fair of face
How I long to enter your personal space

Said the other I’m willing if you would agree
To place you above me and then underneath
To a mossy green bank these two persons did haste
And there in a meaningful way interfaced

Both parties were eager, both parties were brisk
Both failed to insure ‘gainst a third party risk
And so nine months later as I understand
A third person singular came all unplanned

Now the first person declared without guile
For your sweet sake I would lay down my lifestyle
So these two were married like sister and brother
And over the threshold they carried each other