The Kipper Family - 2011 (Dambuster Records)

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1. “Here we all are then”
2. De'Ath and The Lady - “You don't want to worry”
3. Kippers and Bloaters - “Now I'd like to sing”
4. Get 'Em Down (Mavis Blair) - “Henry Kipper” - “What?”
5. One Bloke Can Cut The Grass - “You were born”
6. Robin Hood and the Sexton - “Your parents were poor”
7. I Diddled 'em Darby - “Very soon you had a younger brother”
8. All Around My Head - “Now you and George went”
9. Dicky Riding - “Now you left school”
10. Come Strike Me Down - “Yes, I remember that day”
11. The Landlady's Shoe - “Now before many months”
12. Gorleston Town - “So that brings us almost to the end”
13. Bring Us In Hot Tea - “But the worst thing about it was”
14. Wind That Blows - “And so the swings of life turned full roundabout”
15. Red Herring Song - “In 1985 you became a professional”
16. Strip The Widow/Canticle
17. The Rusty Cold Farmer (with mad uncle Don)
18. Do You Know Ken Peel?

Unreleased Gems of The Kipper Family

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