Here we all are then…

The Kippers were probably the greatest Norfolk export.

Here we all are then…

This website and related its social media are probably the closest we’ll come to a Kipper fan club. Stories, quotes, articles, lyrics, photos, video and more. Including (cod) pieces (stolen) from the official organ of Sid Kipper. Featuring contributions supplied by Sid Kipper and Chris Sugden.

Your Old Stories

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If you would like to contribute anything to the website that would be very welcome indeed. Please contact me.

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The Final Fillet

Sid Kipper – “Wit, Wisdom & Walnuts”

Here we all are then…

Sid retired to spend more time with his ferrets. His original website once could be found at There was some strange bloke called Chris Sugden running it, where there was a huge amount of Sid Kipper. It then moved to Unfortunately it then vanished along with Sid, along with all the silver. But! You can see the old site at Web Archive

Two Faced and Gutless

Was the final fillet of kipper: In 2011 there were two new Kipper albums: a Kipper Family album of previously unreleased material: Two Faced, and another album by Sid Kipper: Gutless. Gutless thereya.

Fresh Yesterday

The best Kipper Family experience

Recorded at the Trunch village hall. Sid and Henry in full kipper flow. Witness the comic talent of the duo as they tell some of their old stories and sing some of their old songs. You may recognise the tunes, but the words will bring a new dimension to folk singing!

Fresh Yesterday page

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