Sid Kipper – 1993 (Leader Records)

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1. The Old, Waily, Windy Knight
2. The Innocent Dodo
3. The Bodyline Collapso
4. The Bloody Wars
5. The Twenty Pound Frog
6. The Stack of Domies
7. Gobblers in the Garden
8. All Things are Quite Equal
9. The Stick of Rhubarb
10. Folk Roots ’66
11. Jack Onion
12. The Song of the F.U.

Alone at last!

With assistance from Linda Herring and Cocklesdale (Val Marlin, John O’Hake and Graham Perch).  Features walnut-shells, bass walnut-shells, stylophone and scallops.  Originally a Trunch Wireless programme.  Produced by Chris Sugden.

“The Kipper tradition is still at its best”

(Folk Roots)  

“On many tracks he is augmented by Linda Herring and Cocklesdale who add variety but unfortunately are far too tasteful.” 

(Essex Folk News)