Album: Since Time Immoral – Artist: The Kipper Family

A fair young maid of seventeen I am;,
And I have never once laid with a man.
But that’s not through lack of trying,
And that is why I’m sighing.
And I’ll tell you all about it if I can.
So I sing oh dear, oh how can it be,
I can’t find a man that will satisfy me?

Young Roger looked so handsome I could weep,
With his hair of brown and eyes of blue so deep.
At the wake I got excited,
But my lust went unrequited.
On the way back from the wake he fell asleep.

On our farm a pretty ploughboy was employed,
I made a tryst that he could not avoid.
I took him to a shady wood,
But that did me no good,
For it was other pretty ploughboys he enjoyed.

An old friar showed an interest in me charms,
And I couldn’t wait till I lay in his arms.
But as he tripped to my bed,
He tripped into the well instead,
And that wasn’t just his pride that came to harm.

I met a man all on the beach one day,
He had skin like silk as on the sand we lay.
But before we got to sinnin’
The tide come running in.
And he turned into a seal and swam away.

So you can see that I am still intact,
Though that’s certainly not effort that I lacked.
When I’ve rumpled up me gown,
The men have let me down.
And I just can’t do it all on my own back.