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Big Red Riding-Breeches as told by Henry Kipper - A Kipper variation of Red Riding Hood!

Farewell to Old Henry - Written by Dick Nudds pre the retirement gigs of Henry Kipper.

Henry Kipper RIP (1914-2000) the end of an error - Dead kipper: written by Chris Sugden to stop people asking when Henry was coming back.

Dialogue between Sid and Henry leading into The Disabled Seaman - Kipper banter, witness the comic talent.

Dialogue between Sid and Henry leading into Awayday - More great Norfolk banter.

Press Escape for Fresh Yesterday - A press release from the duo about the new album.

Kippers to Scotland - Preceding a tour in Scotland

SLEEVE NOTES FOR 'ARREST THESE MERRY GENTLEMEN' - Their Christmas album explained.

Kippers and Brass - article from Folk Roots 1985

Kipper Tapes - article from English Dance & Song 1987

The Kipper Family - article from Rock & Reel: No.10 (1990)

ENGLISH DANCE & SONG - September/October '86

The Kipper Family Song Book article

The Crab Wars article

Henry Kipper, That Was Your Life, That Was. - More witty dialogue.

Reviews of Sid Kipper

Old Sores from St. Just - From Sid's official organ

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  1. Dear Mr Doorbell, My Uncel Henry and his boy Sid will be a coming down to your Festival at Sidmouth. They now lot’s of old song’s and wandered if they could sing some. Mr David Bellamy have seen them in Norwich and he thinks there very good, also Mr Jim Souza, Mr Taffy Thompson and Mr Alex Atkinson, the flying Scotsman. … There song’s go back a long way to time immoral and Im sure youll agree they ougt to be preserved. … They call thereselves the Kipper Family, from somewhere near Trunch in Norfolk.’

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