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Big Red Riding-Breeches as told by Henry Kipper - A Kipper variation of Red Riding Hood!

Farewell to Old Henry - Written by Dick Nudds pre the retirement gigs of Henry Kipper.

Henry Kipper RIP (1914-2000) the end of an error - Dead kipper: written by Chris Sugden to stop people asking when Henry was coming back.

Dialogue between Sid and Henry leading into The Disabled Seaman - Kipper banter, witness the comic talent.

Dialogue between Sid and Henry leading into Awayday - More great Norfolk banter.

Press Escape for Fresh Yesterday - A press release from the duo about the new album.

Kippers to Scotland - Preceding a tour in Scotland

SLEEVE NOTES FOR 'ARREST THESE MERRY GENTLEMEN' - Their Christmas album explained.

Kippers and Brass - article from Folk Roots 1985

Kipper Tapes - article from English Dance & Song 1987

The Kipper Family - article from Rock & Reel: No.10 (1990)

ENGLISH DANCE & SONG - September/October '86

The Kipper Family Song Book article

The Crab Wars article

Henry Kipper, That Was Your Life, That Was. - More witty dialogue.

Reviews of Sid Kipper

Old Sores from St. Just - From Sid's official organ

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