Leading into song: Awayday

SID: We’ll do one more just to finish you off with, then you’d better have a little lie down hadn’t you, father?

HENRY: I think I could do with a little lie down, yes

SID: I’ll see what I can arrange in that department for myself too I think!

SID: We thought we do it cos we’ve seen that Alastair A Anderson around from that magazine thing. Cos they don’t call it folk music any more, its Roots music,

SID: We’ve been very influenced by that, but we’ve got a bit of a problem, cos to get on really well with the roots music, you got to sing in a foreign language, really, and father & I are a bit stuck in that department, are we.

HENRY: So we asked our vicar, the vicar of St Just, we asked him what foreign languages he knew, and he said, well there’s always Latin

HENRY: This is what they call a Latin Motel. I don’t know why

SID: That’s right, a Latin Motel. Course, being in Latin, we don’t understand a word of it, but if there are any Latin people in here tonight, and they’d like to tell us what its all about, we’d be pleased, wouldn’t we father

HENRY: Oh yes

SID: Its an old Latin motel, called Awayday

Song ends with Sid saying: Awayday theyer!