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Copyright Info:

Sid Kipper material is copyright Chris Sugden.
Kipper Family material is copyright Chris Sugden and Dick Nudds.
Kipper Family album sleeves (as opposed to Sid’s) copyright Molly Barrett (formerly Nudds)
also some of the photos are copyright Clive Tully.

Much of the Kipper Family and a certain amount of Sid material was supplied to us by Chris Sugden. However the Kipper Family was a duo! Therefore some of it was not his to give and so not available or indeed given.


From the Sid Kipper site regarding the song lyrics on this site: “In passing we disapprove of its (this websites) policy of posting copyright lyrics without permission or guarantee of accuracy.”

Note: you once could find authentic Sid Kipper lyrics at:

Useage/pictures etc.:

You may use any elements from this site on your own site but you must credit it to with a link.

Futher more many more of these images and content while not ours were not stollen and were given to us in kind. Though indeed a certain amount was stolen and some used with permission from other sites.

This website is a fan site, compiled by a fan for the fans, with contributions from others, it is in no way an official website, though it’s very close!

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