Album: In the Family Way – Artist: The Kipper Family

Mary was a groovy chick
Joseph he was really hip
But neither of these two could say
How she got in the family way

What you gonna tell your Ma?
What you gonna tell your Pa?
They didn’t know what to say to them
So they boogied on down to Bethlehem

Do the Rock of Ages,
Do the Bethlehem Bop
Do the Rock of Ages,
Hurry to the Holy Hop

When they got there it sure looked bad
They could not find themselves a pad
They asked a man bur he said “Naw
There ain’t no room at the coffee bar”

Now Mary said “Now dig this Clive
I’m up the spout and all that jive
He says “Hard cheese, that’s the rule
But you can use the garage and they said, “Cool”

So Mary had a little kid
And I don’t mean a goat if you thought I did
She wrapped that babe so small and teeny
If a yellow polka dot bikini

Three wise guys thanked their lucky star
When the found the garage by the coffee bar
“Come on Daddy-o don’t be selfish
Where’s the King, and we don’t mean Elvis”

Well up the hill at twelve o’clock
The shepherds rocked around the flock
Then down came this Holy Roller
Says I’ve got the best news since Pepsi-Cola

So now all these shepherd geezers
Wanted to rock the Baby Jesus
After they’d done that for a while
They said “See you later, crocodile”

So if you want to be with it
You’ll make JC a great big hit
Make him number one on your jukebox
And we’ll all do the Rock of Ages Rock