Album: In the Family Way – Artist: The Kipper Family

And now – the end is nigh,
Our business soon – will be completed,
But e’er – we say good-bye,
We’ve this to add – so please stay seated.
Now we – have hunted crabs,
Both from the shore – and in the tide ways,
But more, much more than that,
We did it side-ways.

What is a crab – what have it got,
If not eight legs – then it is not.
What e’er its part – in the creation,
Still that is not – a true crustation.
The way to tell – is like ourselves,
They do it side-ways.

Cuz yes – I’ve had a few,
But then again – too few to mention,
They taste – of nought at all,
And always give – us indigestion.
So when – we near King’s Lynn,
Where they are served – in funny fried ways,
We snort – please pass the port,
And do it side-ways.

Once et a meal – they give us trout,
We ate it up – and spat it out,
And though they stayed – and called us selfish,
We would not eat – what is not shellfish,
We couldn’t stop – we had to hop,
But did it side-ways.

They say – a man must do,
What he must do – that’s why we did it.
We always – caught the crabs,
We’re proud to say – we never hid it.
We meet – young ladies sweet,
Who try to tempt – us in untried ways,
But always – love our wives,
And do it side-ways.

And now – the end have come.
spoken: And none too soon in my humble opinion