Album: In the Family Way – Artist: The Kipper Family

We’re here to fight
The brewers might
We intend to ban the poison they purvey.
We will bar the lounge and snug
Where they serve the demon drug
And have tea shops open 18 hours a day

Are you dry?
Are you dry?
Or are you bound for Hell where you will fry?
We are the little troop
Who will make the brewers droop
When they hear our battle cry, “Are you dry?”

Many maids
Have been laid
Low by alcohol there is no doubt.
Dressed in all that’s fine
They go done up to the nines
But they’re all undone before the night is out.

Hear our shout
The inn is out
The slippery slope is paved with beastly booze.
One sip of alcohol
Then you will lose all self-control
And wake up wondering where you got tattooed.

Mister Fry
Will testify
How his wife and he were total drunken sots
She was always tight
And in the middle of the night
He would cry out “Mine’s a large one,”
But it’s not!

When we got here
I felt quite queer
My head was spinning so I couldn’t think
But now I feel just dandy
That medicinal pint of brandy
Has restored my strength to fight the demon drink.

(Transcribed and supplied to us by Trevor C)