Album: Like A Rhinestone Ploughboy – Artist: Sid Kipper

Oh me ‘ead, it is frozen to me ‘at
The snow is driftin’ down me back
I fear Iwill die of cold in fact
All in this biting wind,oh

Let me in, Sir Jasper cried
Old Waily, windy knight
Let me in Sir Jasper cried
Here outside your window

The window that have opened wide
The ploughboy stuck his head outside
He said you’re really not my type
You should try my sister LInda

He found the window where she snores
But that was on the second floor
So he’s thrown pebbles, two,three, four
And the glass rained down on him, oh

Then up the ladder he have climbed
And to her window come betimes
And he tapped upon it seven times
Crying open up your window

Well, that I will then LInda cried
And she have thrown thewindow wide
But that haveknocked the ladder aside
And he’s dangling by his fingers

Despite that wicked wind so chill
He’s hauled himself up with a will
If it weren’t for the ice upon the sill
He would surely have got in, oh

But down he’s tumbled to the ground
And there the broken glass he found
And hehavemade a feaarful sound
Outside her grandma’s window

Grandma’s hooked her window wide
To find this winded knight outside
And she have blessed the Lord on high
And she have pulled him in, oh

She closed the window with a grin
Andshe have kissed him cheek and chin
Andshe slipped in between the sheets with him
For he’s frozen stiff poor thing, oh

Let me out, Sir Jasper cried
Old waily windy knight
Let me out SirJasper cried
When she opened and she took him in……oh