Sid Kipper with Dave Burland – 1997 (Leader Records)

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1. Allan Barber
2. Bobby Dazzler
3. Hay! Do the Morris
4. The Roughton Wriggle Song
5. The Muntons of Moorgate
6. The Bonny Heavy Plough Horse
7. The Shoals of Whiting
8. A Jimmy Kipper Muddley
9. We Will Rob You
10. Shepherd of the Ups
11. Death or Glory Wassail
12. The Knapton White Hare
13. The Prince of Whales
14. Murder at the Red Barndance
15. The Mild Rover
16. Breasting the Waves
17. Combing the Mane
18. The Harvest Moan
19. The Wraggle Taggle Travellers-Oh

Sid tries very hard on this one and does some superb singing, as one would when singing with Dave Burland

Sid Kipper with substantial contributions from the other half of Partners In Crime, Mr Dave Burland.  

Recorded live at the Old Goat Folk Club, St Just-near-Trunch one Tuesday in May.  As the club meets one Thursday in September there was no audience.  Produced by Chris Sugden.

“The seemingly unlikely pairing of the hilarious Sid Kipper with the fine traditional singer Dave Burland works extremely well.”

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