Leading onto song: The Disabled Seaman

SID: I tell you what we’re gonna do now, a song about a sailor. Any sailors in tonight? (silence) That’s alright then, we’ll be alright with this one

HENRY: You know about sailors, that they spend a lot of time going to sea.

SID:Well, of course they spent more time on the old days, with the sails & that, that was a lot slower

HENRY: That right so after these sailors had been at sea for munce & munce, wi no alcohol, and no women, what did they do when they got back (pause). What did they do when they got back on shore, they went straight in the nearest pub.

SID: They used to drink themselves silly. And when they was silly enough they used to go off and find themselves a woman, and that’s what this song’s all about:

SID: Tell them about the chorus

HENRY: Oh yes, its got a bit of a chorus, rather an unusual chorus cos, instead of coming after the verse, it come before the verse

SID: Its more difficult that way, cos, if it come after the verse you know that, when the verse come to an end, that’s when the chorus start. But with this one you have to work out when the verse is going to start, so you can do the chorus

HENRY: It a simple chorus, it go “Oh”

SID: It start with the chorus, so I’ll start you. I’ll count you in: One, two, one two three:


Leads onto song: The Disabled Seaman

Song ends with Sid saying: The disabled seaman theyer