Performers may come, and performers may go, but some just seem to carry on for ever. Take the Kipper Family – they come onto the stage, they seem to carry on forever, and then they go.

Audiences love it. And it’s gone pretty well so far. Six years full-time, six albums, a songbook, appearances from Hong Kong to Sheringham, radio, TV, – and so far they’ve even managed to avoid the Edinburgh Festival, although they had a close shave in 1988!

But now the end is near, it’s time to draw the final curtain, as somebody once sang. Old Henry Kipper is not getting any younger. He’s not even getting any more middle aged. As his son Sid says; “He’s got a foot and a half in the grave”. So Henry is going to retire at the peak of his powers, which he reckons will be on Tuesday December 31st 1991.

The old boy is getting himself up for a final lap of honour. Through October, November and December the Kippers will be touring Arts centres, Theatres, and anywhere else with the cash to give Henry the bass handshake he so richly deserves.

After that he will be staying at home, catching up on some of those little jobs around the house, leaving Sid the soldier on alone.

So if seeing is believing, you should catch the Kippers before the end of the year. You won’t believe it!

Dick Nudds

(supplied to us by Chris Sugden)