Artist: The Kipper Family – 1984 (Dambuster Records)

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1. Introduction by Henry and Sid Kipper
2. Not Sixteen Til Sunday
3. The Male Female Highwayman
4. The Unlaid Maid
5. The Cricket Match
6. All On The Shore (The Body)
7. Hollow Ground
8. Dido, Fido
9. The Whistling Monologue
10. The Village P.I.M.P.
11. Poor Old Cow
12. To Be A Pharmacist
13. Adieu You Pretty Nancy
14. A Lightweight Dirge

The debut album of the Kipper Family (Sid and Henry Kipper), with a chorus of Annie, Dot, George, Kevin and Len Kipper, Dick Nudds and Chris Sugden, and the vicar.  Produced by Richard Digance.