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(There is a small group of traditional songs which feature sadomasochistic practices.  This includes the notorious ‘Whip Jamboree’, and the Suffolk classic ‘Tie Me With A Yellow Hankerchief’.  Here is a Norfolk example.)

It was pleasant and delightful, if you like that sort of thing;
Mist covered the meadows and the starlings did sing.
But pleasures they vary – each man to his ain –
There are those who like to lark around; there are those whose pleasure’s pain.

As a sailor and his true love were a-walking one day,
Said the sailor to his true love “I am bound for to say
You have flogged me and whipped me, and caused me to roar;
I must go and leave my Nancy, but I will be back for more”.

Then a bludgeon from her pocket she instantlie drew,
Saying “Take that, you useless William, and, oh yes, take this too”.
Saying “Take that, you useless William, and, oh yes, take this too”.And while she was a-beating him tears from his eyes spilled;
Saying “May I go along now please?” – “Yes, bugger off, fare ill”.

“Goodbye me dearest Nancy, I must heed the ahoy.
It pains me to leave you, which brings me great joy.
The ship she lies waiting for the next flowing tide,
And if ever I return again, I will let you tan my hide”.

Copyright Chris Sugden