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This site is run by a fan as a tribute to the Kipper Family and Sid Kipper and is a non-profit site. Please consider helping with a donation to running costs. This also proves to me that people care about this website. Please note, it will say you are sending to “T-Media”, that is my wife’s PayPal name, TyLean (ie T). After you may see a cryptic message about a Christmas album, this is not a Kipper one! (this is a project of hers not related to Kippers but PayPal is a simple beast)

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You can also donate by PayPal to my wifes account via email address: (you just goto PayPal and send money to that email address) it’s better to send it as a personal transfer, not a service or business one as PayPal take silly commission. As the Kipper site is non-profit it seems wrong to pay that.

For cheques my postal is: Justin Tuijl. Lochcarron East Church, Lochcarron, Strathcarron. IV54 8YS

Bank transfer also available.

More about financials:

Why donate and what is it for? Basically the website is hosted on a host that costs money, it’s not a lot as I have a few sites, but it is something. The domain name also costs some money. Yes, I do like the Kippers but mainly, once this site was created, it’s not for me but for you, the visitor. The site has become a place for fans to find Kipper info. When I get a donation it not only proves that people want the website, but that I am justified in the site existing and spending time working on it. It’s not for profit, which is just as well, as there isn’t any! All donations go back into the website.

ADVERTS: I did have adverts on the site which I have now removed. So the only support is from people who donate to costs. The adverts were annoying, not that good a return and ruined the look of the site.

Thank you so much!

Best fishes,


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