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a tribute to The Kipper Family - Henry & Sid Kipper

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1. Reviews
Reviews of Sid Kipper

2. Old Sores from St. Just
From Sid's official organ

3. Big Red Riding-Breeches as told by Henry Kipper
A Kipper variation of Red Riding Hood!

4. Farewell to Old Henry
Written by Dick Nudds pre the retirement gigs of Henry Kipper.

5. Henry Kipper RIP (1914-2000) the end of an error
Dead kipper: written by Chris Sugden to stop people asking when Henry was coming back.

6. Dialogue between Sid and Henry leading into The Disabled Seaman
Kipper banter, witness the comic tallent.

7. Dialogue between Sid and Henry leading into Awayday
More great Norfolk banter.

8. Press Escape for Fresh Yesterday
A press release fromn the duo about the new album.

9. Kippers to Scotland
Precending a tour in Scotland

Their Christmas album explained.

11. Kippers and Brass article from Folk Roots 1985

12. Kipper Tapes article from English Dance & Song 1987

13. The Kipper Family - article from Rock & Reel: No.10 (1990)

14. ENGLISH DANCE & SONG September/October '86

15. The Kipper Family Song Book article

16. The Crab Wars article

17. Henry Kipper, That Was Your Life, That Was.
More witty dialogue.


"A delightfully clever, anarchic interpretation of the English language."
Cod Pieces, Eastern Daily Press

"A marvelous mixture of stand-up comedy, stories and quirky songs"
Christmas Cod Pieces, The Stage

"Sid Kipper is one of those rare breeds of comedians, in that he's
funny in so many different ways. This rural humour
invites comparisons to Jethro. But while Jethro
relies on his yokel act, Sid is funnier in many more ways"
Wilts and Glos Standard

"If Sid Kipper didn't exist we'd have to invent him"
'Hog the Limelight' Hampshire

"Sid Kipper is attracting deserved rations of adoration,
as he continues to ask fresh followers where they've
been this last decade or so"
Eastern Daily Press 

Old sores from St Just

"Well, when one door closes, you may have to get out of the window"

"Actors speak louder than worms"

"The way to a man's heart is paved with good intentions"

"There's newts as queer as folk"

"If the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, you're starting from a very odd place"


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