Gallery – Trunch, Norfolk

Norfolk, UK

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A visit to the home of the Kippers! Intrepidly traveling into darkest Norfolk.

Gallery - Trunch, Norfolk

As we all know the Kipper Family live in St. Just-Near-Trunch, but we thought some pictures of the village they are “st. just-near” would be interesting!

Trunch Village Pub
Trunch village sign
Trunch Village Pub

Trunch village pub: now known as ‘The Crown Inn’ but in the Kippers’ days is was called ‘The Old Goat Inn’
“How far’s the old goat in?”
“You mind you own business!” she said

Trunch Village Hall

Trunch Village Hall, where the album Fresh Yesterday was recorded

Trunch Village Shop and Trunch Village Phone Box
Trunch Village Shop and
Trunch Village Phone Box

Trunch Corner Stores in-fact
Trunch Corner Stores in-fact

Ways out of Trunch
I gotta leave old Tunch village

Views of Trunch
Views of Trunch
Views of Trunch
Trunch Church
Trunch Church
where’s the Rev. Derek Bream?
Trunch Garage
Trunch Autos

Justin Kipper
The webmaster as Sid Kipper,
as you can see 30 people live in Trunch

Sid Kipper reportedly went to school here, as far as we know


“Three wise men they come from the East,
Three wise men or two at least,
Two or three wise men come from the East,
From the general direction of Knapton”
(Christmas Collapso – Arrest These Merry Gentlemen)


Check this link for the history of Trunch, unfortunately they have failed to mention the Kippers:

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