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Sid was also very good when he teamed up with other singers. Once saw him with Dave Burland at Nottingham, in their Christmas Show. It was absolutely brilliant. I absolutely loved the Kippers! Sid was also very good on his own – Nora Brook

My favourite Kipper line is still: “No one lived to tell the tale!” – Berni Armstrong

I miss Sid – Paul Haynes

Just discovered this page while looking for Les Barker. The Kippers – that takes me back a few years to when I were a lass! Loved them at Whitby folk festival. – Ruth Wright

‘ere ‘ave youm troied any Dicky Roiding lately Sid – Salford Roger

I saw them a few times by mistake. – Aub

I think my first introduction to the world of The Kipper Family was listening to ‘Christmas with The Kippers’ on Radio 2 as a child. Had the good fortune of seeing the Kipper Family a few times and Sid as a solo act on many occasions. Most certainly Norfolk and good! – Gregory Wright

I first saw the Kipper Family at the 21st Towersey folk festival which must have been 87’or 88′ then saw them at Chippenham folk festival the next two years after that,Being a Norfolk man I couldn’t believe my luck to hear songs sung about my native county and what made me laugh even more than their songs was the excruciating looks on the faces of the serious folkies – Rob Olley

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